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28 October 2010 / ellapelea

Debating the DREAM Act

Wednesday, Nov. 17th
Location TBD

Hundreds of undocumented students have courageously been organizing and fighting for the DREAM Act.  The DREAM was that, either through military service or higher education, they would be given a chance at gaining citizenship.

But after nearly ten years, the DREAM is no closer, and some in the movement have decided that we should no longer wait for either Democrats or Republicans to grant us our humanity.  Through NAFTA, these two parties are the same who economically destroy other nations, build maquiladoras along the border, and pay our people slave wages.

Instead, many undocumented students have been involved in sit-ins and other forms of civil disobedience.  While the Democrats and Republicans have condemned us for this, we must recognize that our freedom is in our own hands.

But  we also shouldn’t let the rulers set the terms of our DREAMs and our freedom.  Currently, the DREAM Act offers citizenship to only some of us, while our parents would still be persecuted for being “illegal.”

Our parents fled the economic and military destruction of U.S. imperialism in their own countries, but the DREAM Act says we can only gain citizenship if we join the military and contribute to this devastation, and the barriers to higher education make military service the only real option.

Tuition is going up and undocumented students don’t qualify for federal grants.  While some rely on state grants, Texas has an $18 billion deficit and state grants are facing cuts.  Further, undocumented students must pay out-of-state tuition in forty states, while schools like Georgia State University have completely banned undocumented students from enrolling.

Does our DREAM include the imprisonment of our parents and the destruction of Mexico, Iraq, and Afghanistan?  Or, should we fight for amnesty and free tuition for all immigrants and students, and an end to U.S. imperialism?

Join ¡ella pelea! for a discussion on the DREAM Act.


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