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9 November 2010 / ellapelea

Come Discuss the DREAM Act

Wednesday, Nov. 17th
Teaching Center (UTC) room 4.104

The DREAM Act is legislation that would grant undocumented students a chance at gaining citizenship after two years of either military service or attendance at a four-year university.  It was recently attached to the Defense Appropriations Bill, which would have given the Department on Defense $726 billion.  This was defeated and now the bill is being pushed stand-alone and is in the process of being sent to the Senate floor.

Hundreds of undocumented students have courageously been organizing themselves and fighting to pass this act.  The DREAMers say that it:

  • Takes an initial step to reform immigration through legislation.
  • Allows for conditional citizenship status for undocumented children whose home is in the U.S. and who never made the decision to migrate.
  • Provides immigrants with a wider range of opportunities within the workforce and economic achievement.
  • Is an incentive for youth to finish high school and attain higher education.

But after nearly ten years, the DREAM is no closer, and some in the movement have decided that we should no longer wait for either Democrats or Republicans to grant us our humanity.  Many have also become frustrated with the limitations and conservative aspects of the DREAM Act:

  • While it may offer a path to citizenship for some, many others — including our parents — will still be considered “illegal” and hunted by ICE and border patrol.
  • The rising cost of higher education makes the DREAM Act a de facto draft for the military, which will aid the occupation and militarization of Mexico, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
  • The destruction of our and our parent’s countries of origins by U.S. imperialism, though military force and anti-immigration policies such as NAFTA, is what caused them to emigrate to begin with. Why should we support those attacks?
  • The DREAM Act is an attempt to target Latin@ youth for military service, as the U.S. imperialism needs more and more soldiers to die in their wars.

Is this act truly a path to citizenship and a step towards equality or a way for the rulers to set the terms for our freedom and our DREAMs?

Join ¡ella pelea! for a discussion on the DREAM Act.


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