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20 June 2011 / ellapelea

Queer Theory Study Group Restarting This Sunday!!!

New to the group? We will meet every other week at 1pm. People are welcome to attend whichever meetings they can and to bring friends.  You are strongly encouraged to do the readings, but we know life happens, so people are still welcome to come even if you have not read. We will try to summarize the readings so everyone can participate in the discussion.  We will email out the readings a week before the group meeting. Any ideas for articles, movies, and/or activities are warmly welcomed. We hope to get your feedback on themes and readings.

Everyone is welcome to attend. For location information or questions you can contact us at

How do we negotiate gender, sexuality, queerness every day? What do these things have to do with race, class, ability and other identities we hold? What does family mean to us? What does the struggle for queer
liberation look like today and where does it need to go? And what vision do we have for a society free of oppression?

Many of us have been discussing these questions for some time now.  This is another opportunity for any interested people to come together, study, laugh, share stories and continue to make sense of the world we find ourselves in.

Here is the proposed syllabus:

Meeting 1. June 26, 1pm
-“Queer Liberation is Class Struggle” by JOMO on Gathering Forces:
(~3 pgs)
-“Homophobic Workers or Elitist Queers?” by Joanna Kadi:
(8 pgs)
-Kate Bornstein, “My Gender Workbook” Chapter 1-2 (We will begin the
workbook this week, and may continue with it through study group.)
-Identifying key themes/definitions
-Introductions, goals, feedback on syllabus, ground rulers, etc.

Meeting 2. July 10, 1pm
-“Queer Race,” in A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory, Nikki
-Queer People of Color blog selection

Meeting 3. July 24, 1pm
–“The Transfeminist Manifesto” by Emi Koyama:

Meeting 4. August 7, time TBA
-Film: “Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen and Their Lives”


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