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What We’re Fighting For

WE DEMAND an immediate freeze on tuition and fees, a cap on university salaries at $150,000 and democratic control over tuition for students and community members.  We will not allow university administrators to make a profit on the backs of oppressed people by raising tuition and fees, particularly in a time when decent jobs and financial aid are hard to come by. If times are tight, chop from the top!

WE DEMAND an immediate end to layoffs for faculty and staff, speed-up for workers, and flat-rate tuition for students, and faculty control over employment.  The university is not a factory. Public education should be a place where students and workers have some security. Students should have time to learn and grow during college. However, the pressure for more students work and the university demanding that we not take extra credits makes it hard for us to have time to develop our skills. The public university is not a profit-making business and workers who are already underpaid and have few rights on the job should not be forced to do more work because the administration does not want to pay for more workers. We will not be pushed out of our university by greedy administrators!

WE DEMAND the preservation of ethnic studies and democratic control over curriculum.  We demand an education that will actually benefit oppressed peoples. We want English as a Second Language to be taught widely, alongside Spanish. We want to maintain the opportunity to learn about our peoples’ histories, histories that will teach us how to struggle. We determine the quality of our education!

WE DEMAND open enrollment and an end to the 2-tier system of public education.  If the university is to be a place where the undocumented can receive citizenship, where oppressed peoples can get opportunities for a better life, then it needs to be accessible and affordable for all. We believe that the hierarchical distinction between community college and four-year university education should be smashed. Decent public education is a right for all people!


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