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Who We Be

Who We Are

We are students and community members, both queer and straight, multi-gendered and multi-racial; we are inspired by the fight for gay marriage, the Palestinian Intifadas, the immigrants rights movement, Stonewall, Black Power, and the Oaxaca Commune among others; we are the offspring of both immigrants and non, and the descendants of anti-colonial and anti-imperial movements.

From these, and from our own activity, we draw strength and come together with a desire to learn from previous movements organized by our peoples. We come together out of frustrations as marginalized peoples, but with the inner capacity to create change through action. We continue to educate ourselves, and one another, gaining strength and power in growth.

We are a largely queer and majority women & people of color organization.

We seek to remain so because our liberation is not the straight, white man’s burden.  If we are to be free from homophobia, patriarchy and white supremacy then we must fight against these oppressions ourselves.  No one can do this for us — liberation is not a charity!  Not only are we animated by the politics of women’s liberation, anti-racism and queer liberation, but we strive to remain a group of and for women, queer folks and people of color.  This means developing the leadership capacities of these peoples.

How We Roll

We organize on the demands of women, queer folks and people of color in our fight against budget cuts and the privatization of public education at the University of Texas Austin.

We take up the demands of these oppressed peoples — our own demands — because historically, in a time of crisis, we are the first to experience larger class sizes, canceled courses, and higher tuition, and when we graduate, higher unemployment and lower pay, while the administrators and regents receive pay raises and continue their attacks against us.  When the rulers and administrators finally do sit down to the negotiating table we are told to keep quiet about our demands.  We are accused of dividing the movement, and told to be patient.  In sum, our peoples are always sacrificed for the benefits and advances of men, straight and white folks, and when we are sacrificed the movement is made weaker, not stronger.

We take up our own demands because we believe that when we strive towards our liberation everybody benefits, not just women, queer folks and people of color.  It’s the patriarchs, racists and homophobes who divide the movement, not us.  We believe our own liberation is tied to fighting the divide and conquer tactics of the rulers and administrators.  Our demands and our liberation strengthen the movement.

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  1. Yolanda C Padilla / Nov 16 2010 5:01 pm

    Wednesday, November 17
    Film screening: Maria in No Man’s Land/Maria en Tierra de Nadie
    LBJ School, SRH 3.122, 5:30 p.m.

    The documentary provides raw insight into what has been called a humanitarian crisis affecting Central American migrants crossing Mexico. It tells the story of women kidnapped by Los Zetas, victims of trafficking, and unexpected moments of hope along the way. PAACC (Public Affairs Alliance for Communities of Color) will be providing drinks and snacks.

    The documentary was made by Salvadoran filmmaker Marcela Zamora, a graduate of the Escuela de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio in Cuba. She was part of a team of six journalists, fotographers, and filmmakers who spent a year living with undocumented migrants crossing Mexico to reach the American dream. The project is called En El Camino/On The Road, and was produced and published by, Latin America’s first completely web-based, digital newspaper. Read more about it here:

    View the trailer here: In Spanish with English subtitles. For more information, contact Allison Ramirez at .

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